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Livestock for Orphaned Children in Congo

This project will provide 104 AIDS orphans and their guardians with training, livestock, seeds, and counsel so they may become self-reliant. These children have suffered through the death of their parents...they don't need to fear for their futures and how they will pay for food, rent, clothes or food. Through this project, these small orphaned families will receive the hand up they need to move forward.


Raised: $300,000/ Goal: $600,000

Orphans have a tough time moving forward if they don't have adults to help them. Congo has plenty of children who've been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic and they need our help so they can become self-sustaining.


We will provide training, livestock, seeds, and support so that orphaned children can have a shot at the future. With our partners on the ground, the children and their guardians receive tons of support and monitoring so that the project is a successful one. We work with 20 families at a time, ensuring that each family has individual attention and that they succeed.

Raised: $300,000 / Goal: $600,000 29%




The dedication and the charity work of volunteers from Neumette organization are doing worldwide can’t be underestimated. We cooperated with them a year ago during a conflict in Syria, and their team members offered unprecedented assistance.

Richard Thompson

A Neumette donor

This charity organization does what a lot of other charities should have been doing years ago. It is great that Neumette exists. Their volunteers not just give necessary resources and assistance, they give hope to all the needy out there.


Denis Nelson

A Neumette donor

Neumette has been a partner charity to Women V Cancer for over 4 years and they have always been delighted with Action for Charity’s professional event management. They helped us a lot during our cooperation. We greatly appreciate what they have done.

Sara Johnson

A Neumette nonprofit partner


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