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We seek out world changers and difference makers around the globe, and equip them to fulfill their unique purpose.

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We believe our work can change the lives of people suffering from hunger, illnesses and poverty for a long term. So we campaign to make the world a fairer place for people with disabilities, illnesses and poverty and we tackle the causes behind these problems.

Raised: $300,000   /   Goal: $600,000


Livestock for Orphaned Children in Congo

Raised: $270,000/ Goal: $300,000


Changing Young Lives and Communities in Limpopo

Raised: $100,000/ Goal: $150,000


Toilets & Water for school children, rural India

Raised: $100,000/ Goal: $170,000


Empowering Youth in Rural Uganda

Raised: $130,000/ Goal: $150,000


Saving Children in Poverty Worldwide

Raised: $350,000/ Goal: $550,000


Free-of-cost School for Underprivileged Children

Raised: $110,000/ Goal: $125,000


You Can Give Kids in India Clean Water

Raised: $80,000/ Goal: $100,000


School Environment Improvement Program - Nepal

Raised: $50,000/ Goal: $65,000


Food & Medical Relief for Flood Victims Pakistan




The dedication and the charity work of volunteers from Neumette organization are doing worldwide can’t be underestimated. We cooperated with them a year ago during a conflict in Syria, and their team members offered unprecedented assistance.

Richard Thompson

A Neumette donor

This charity organization does what a lot of other charities should have been doing years ago. It is great that Neumette exists. Their volunteers not just give necessary resources and assistance, they give hope to all the needy out there.


Denis Nelson

A Neumette donor

Neumette has been a partner charity to Women V Cancer for over 4 years and they have always been delighted with Action for Charity’s professional event management. They helped us a lot during our cooperation. We greatly appreciate what they have done.

Sara Johnson

A Neumette nonprofit partner


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Our team really needs volunteers. Those who are willing and have the desire to help those in need. If you are young, active and ready to change the world for the better, we look forward to seeing you.